Electronic applicant fingerprinting for all purposes are professionally provided by Biometiric Identification Services (BIS). Fingerprinting is available at the East Hartford Police Department on:

Wednesdays, 10 AM to 2 PM. For alternative dates/times in other locations please visit this link.

Please note the following:

1.    If are having your fingerprints taken for a pistol permit, you will need the appropriate Service Code.  The East Hartford Service Code for Pistol Permits is: 5D9C-66CB).

2.    BIS, our fingerprinting service vendor, will be following strict guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see this link for measures that will be taken during fingerprinting services.

3.    Effective July 26, 2021, the State of Connecticut is implementing a new policy regarding the submission of fingerprints. The new policy requires applicants that wish to be fingerprinted for reasons requiring a fingerprint-based background check to first complete a pre-enrollment          process. The pre-enrollment will register the applicant in the Connecticut Criminal History          Records Search system and collect payment of any applicable State fees. 


Steps to Get Fingerprinted 

1.   Prepare to complete the pre-enrollment process. 

Have any supplemental documents, cards, etc. necessary to allow you to answer questions as prompted during PreEnrollment.  You will be directed to provide personal information to include:

Contact information; demographic information; Social Security Number; Miscellaneous Identifying Number (MNU) – (If applicable); information about Letter of Good Conduct (If applicable); Aliases; Scars, marks, and/or tattoos; any local permits; naturalization information and details concerning previous convictions.


2.   Complete the "Entering Your Information" sections of the PreEnrollment process. 

Access the Connecticut Criminal History Request System (CCHRS) PreEnrollment webportal here.

Use the State provided CCHRS PreEnrollment help resource packet, that will walk you through each screen page of the process.  All fields in bold font/ blue highlight are mandatory to move to the next screen.

When getting started you will be asked for a Service Code.  Service Codes in the CCHRS system            designate both town and type of applicant, which will affect cost and other defining data as needed.          (The East Hartford Service Code for Pistol Permits is: 5D9C-66CB)


3.    Complete the "Payment" section of your PreEnrollment process.

After submitting your personal information you will be prompted to submit payment.  Enter your credit card number to pay the related fee if your pre-enrollment type requires payment. CCHRS uses and external payment processor to take payment.


4.    Check your email.

Once you have completed PreEnrollment an email will be sent to the email address you entered on the form.  The email will include a PDF containing your Applicant Tracking Number (ATN) and a bar code to be printed and brought with you to the fingerprint location.  Your ATN is used to retrieve your pre-enrollment information at the fingerprint location. Note that if you are getting fingerprinted for a hard card, the Applicant Tracking Number must be submitted with the hard card to be processed. 



5.    Get your fingerprints taken.

Once you have completed PreEnrollment and printed your tracking number and bar code you are now ready to have your fingerprints taken.  The East Hartford Police Department offers electronic fingerprinting for all purposes on: 

Wednesdays, 10 AM to 2 PM. For alternative dates/times in other locations please visit this link.


Also know:

  • Appointments are not needed.
  • F.B.I. fingerprint cards WILL BE provided.
  • Valid photo identification is required.
  • Each session takes approximately 15-20 minutes. 
  • Cost for fingerprinting provided by Biometric Indentification Services is $25.00
  • Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Money Order, Bank Check and Business Check,                Credit Cards and Personal Checks are NOT accepted.


Notary Services are also available.

All services are professionally provided by Biometric Identification Services.