Property Information / GIS

East Hartford GIS Resources

Several tools have been made available for Residents to use in researching their property. 

To look up your property ownership information, including property record / field cards:

Web Assessor Lookup Tool


For information concerning an Address, please contact the Assessor's Office 860-291-7260.

To request GIS specific layers of files, please submit a request with your needs.


For Town of East Hartford GIS maps visit:

East Hartford Mapping Website


Several Static Maps are available:

 Zoning Summary Map as of 03-26-13Public School Districts and Park Map

External (NON-East Hartford Sites for mapping):

FEMA Flood Mappings (opens new window)

If you are interested in comparing East Hartford to other communities while accessing Census, and Dept. of Commerce data, check out the Fannie Mae DATAPLACE.

Mail-a-map (East Hartford/Manchester Map)

CRCOG GIS Center for the Hartford Region