Commission on Services for Persons with Disabilities

There is established the Commission on Services for Persons with Disabilities is a nine (9) member committee designed to study the needs of and coordinate programs for persons with disabilities in the Town. Such members shall be electors of the Town, and not more than six (6) members shall belong to the same political party.  To the fullest extent possible, members shall either have a disability or be familiar with the problems of persons with disabilities.  The Comission shall make such reports and recommendations to the Mayor as it deems appropriate.  Each member of the Commission serves a two year term.  All meetings shall be held at the call of the Chair, and at such other times as the Commission may determine.

The Commission shall continuously study the conditions and needs of persons with disabilities in the community in relation to architectural barriers, economic, employment, health, recreational and to other matters.  The Commission analyzes the services for persons with disabilities provided by the community, both by public and private agencies, and shall make recommendations to the Mayor and the Town Council regarding the development and integration of public and private agencies, in cooperation with the State and other services, to the extent possible.