Inspections and Permits

The Department of Inspections and Permits continue using the online system for building permit applications. The department will be conducting in-person inspections. Contractors and residents may call with concerns and requests for in-person inspections at 860-291-7340.

The Department of Inspections and Permits has three major areas of responsibility:

  1. To administer the Connecticut State Building Code including issuing building and trade permits, reviewing construction documents, answering questions regarding the building code, performing construction inspections, and issuing certificates of occupancy.
  2. Enforce the Town of East Hartford Zoning Regulations.
  3. Enforce the Town of East Hartford Property Maintenance Code for both residential and commercial properties.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bruce Cohen Acting Director (860) 291-7340
Bruce Cohen Building Division Supervisor (860) 291-7342
Guy Carlone Plumbing & HVAC Inspector (860) 291-7338
Tim Gothers Construction / Framing Inspector (860) 291-7348
Royal Brooks Electrical Inspector (860) 291-7347
Vilma de Leon Assistant Zoning Enforcement Official (860) 291-7334
Joe Cortes Property Maintenance Supervisor (860) 291-7344
Terrence Williams Property Maintenance Inspector (860) 291-7212
Christopher DuVerger Property Maintenance Inspector (860)291-7341