Fire Department

The East Hartford Fire Department is committed to the prevention of fires and protection of lives, property and the environment.  The Department’s major areas of emergency response include fire suppression, emergency medical services, technical rescue, and hazardous materials incidents.

The staff includes a Chief, two Assistant Chiefs, Support Services personnel, 116 Fire Suppression personnel, (36 of which are Paramedics), an Administrative Assistant, a full time Clerk, and a Secretary within the Fire Marshal's Office.

Divisions supporting the delivery of services include the Fire Marshal's Office, the Medical Division, the Training Division, the Apparatus Maintenance Division, the Fire Alarm Division, and the Town’s Emergency Management Coordinator.

The Department maintains five fire stations which are strategically located throughout town. This dispersion facilitates a timely response to fire and medical emergencies. These stations house five pumping engines, one 95’ aerial tower/ladder, one 100’ aerial ladder, one rescue truck, and a command vehicle.  The department also has a boat to better enable the department to handle marine emergencies.  The Department also maintains two pumping engines as reserve equipment. This reserve equipment is used when first line equipment is being repaired and maintained. It is also available for response to larger incidents, mutual aid responses, and stadium events. The department removed from service its spare aerial ladder and rescue truck due to overwhelming mechanical defects.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John Oates Fire Chief (860) 291-7403
William Perez Assistant Chief (860) 291-7401
Justin Wagner Fire Marshal (860) 291-7405
Todd Lomento Chief Medical Officer (860) 291-7424
David Prior Chief Training Officer (860) 291-7412
William Melendez Master Mechanic (860) 291-7421
Michael Senerth Superintendent of Alarms (860) 291-7427