Animal Control

A division of the Police Department

On a daily basis, officers in our Animal Control Unit perform a variety of services that help animals and humans alike. They rescue injured animals, control stray and potentially dangerous domestic and wild animals roaming at large and bring lost pets to an animal shelter where their owners will be able to reclaim them.

This unit takes an active role in enforcing local and state ordinances concerning the licensing and treatment of animals. Every complaint and cruelty case is investigated, and arrests can be made when individuals are found to be in noncompliance with the laws.

The Animal Control Officer also attempts to facilitate the adoption of unclaimed lost/stray animals. A majority of impounded dogs and cats are either returned to their owners, or are found new and loving homes. ACO Cappabianca maintains web pages which includes photos and descriptions of pets available for adoption.

The East Hartford Police Department also lists available pets on Petfinder. Petfinder is a website devoted to connecting pet adoption groups with customers looking for a pet. Users can search the database for a variety of breeds and animals by age, size, gender and/or location to find a pet needing adoption.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Animal Control Officers (860) 291-7572