Income & Expense Report

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Owners of income producing property are required to file the Annual Income and Expense Report.  Exempt from this filing are totally residential properties of six (6) units or less in which the owner resides and all residential properties of three (3) units or less.  All residential properties with partial business use are required to file unless totally occupied by the owner.  Commercial and Industrial properties totally owner occupied are also exempt.

The Assessor’s Office is required by law to revalue all property in this municipality.  In order to assess your property fairly and equitably, information concerning the income and expenses related to your property is essential.  Section 12-63c of the Connecticut General Statutes, as amended, requires all owners of rental property to annually file to the revaluation of all property in this municipality. All information filed and furnished with this report will remain confidential and is not open to public inspection.

Any information related to the actual rental and rental related income and operating expenses shall not be a public record and is not subject to the provisions of section 1-19 (Freedom of Information) of the Connecticut General Statutes.

Failure to file these forms or failure to file in a timely manner will result in a penalty of a TEN PERCENT (10%) INCREASE in your property assessment as of the next Grand List.

In accordance with Section 12-63c(d) of the Connecticut General Statutes, as amended,

Any owner of rental real property who fails to file this form or files an incomplete or false form with the intent to defraud, shall be subject to a penalty assessment equal to a ten percent (10%) increase in the assessed value of such property.