East Hartford Police Department Announces 12th Session of Citizen Police Academy

citizen police academy

East Hartford, CT - Chief Scott M. Sansom and the East Hartford Police Department announce the upcoming 12th session of the East Hartford Citizen Police Academy.


Applications may also be picked up in the Front Lobby of the Public Safety Complex at 31 School Street.

The Citizen Police Academy is geared towards citizens who reside, work, own a business, or are a student in East Hartford. This is a unique opportunity for citizens to learn about their police department and the work officers perform in the community. The academy provides an overview of police operations, practices, and objectives.

"I strongly believe that a mutual understanding between police and the community is essential, and the Citizen Police Academy is a great opportunity to increase that level of understanding," said Mayor Marcia Leclerc. "I am proud of the East Hartford Police Department for regularly putting the Citizen Academy together for the benefit of our community. Each academy session leaves participants with a new sense of understanding of what it takes to be a police officer to ensure the safety of our residents."

The Citizen Police Academy is part of the community-policing concept embraced by the East Hartford Police Department. Citizens who attend the academy will learn about the history of the police department, police employment and training, legal standards, patrol and special unit operations, criminal investigations, evidentiary services, use of force, police and the public, and proactive policing efforts. 

“The Citizen Academy is a great opportunity for members of our community to not only become better acquainted with the Police Department, but to also understand the rationale behind police operations,” said Police Chief Scott Sansom. 

Classes will run every Wednesday for eight weeks, starting on September 8, 2021, from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM, in the East Hartford Police Department’s Training Classroom.  The academy is FREE of cost. To maintain health and safety precautions, enrollment will be limited. Attendees will be asked to follow the State mask protocol. 

The application deadline is Friday, August 20, 2021. Citizens needing further information should contact Officer David Flores (860) 528-4401, Extension 7635, or email to dflores@easthartfordct.gov.