Veteran's Memorial Clubhouse

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Veteran’s Memorial Clubhouse
100 Sunset Ridge Drive, East Hartford, CT 06118

The Veteran’s Memorial Clubhouse is a beautiful rambling turn of the century home with two rooms available for receptions, showers, parties and many other functions. Includes kitchen facilities, lavatories, bar area, tables and chairs.  Events must be booked at least one month in advance of your event.

$350 per 5 hour event: residents
$450 per 5 hour event: non-resident
Refundable Deposit:  $200
Accommodates 130 standing, 110 seated

$625 per 5 hour event: residents
$800 per 5 hour event: non-resident
Refundable Deposit:  $200
Accommodates 180 standing, 150 seated

$275 per 5 hour event: residents
$350 per 5 hour event: non-resident
Refundable Deposit:  $200
Accommodates 50 standing, 40 seated

Limited availability for details.



  • Set up of tables and chairs (by you or host. If host sets up add $10.00)
  • DecoratinBringing in food and beverages
  • Entry of caterers and musicians
  • Actual Event
  • Clean up after event (by you)
  • Take down of tables and chairs (by you or host. If host takes down add $10.00)
  • If additional time is needed to accomplish the above, please call the Parks & Recreation office at (860)291-7160 to purchase additional usage. This must be done when you book or a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of your event.



  1. Within 10 days of receipt of this contract, the contract is to be received by the Town of East Hartford, along with rental payment and security deposit. If payment is not received within the stated time, the date will be cancelled. In the event of cancellation by the applicant, $10.00 of the deposit is withheld for processing fee. If the event is cancelled within 4 weeks of the scheduled date, 50% of the payment will be forfeited. If the event is cancelled within 2 weeks of the scheduled date, the entire payment is forfeited.
  2. No admission to the building will be granted to applicant, its caterer or invitee unless approved applications are on file with the Parks & Recreation Department and the building host.
  3. All organized activities must end by 11:30 PM, Monday—Thursday, and 12:00 Midnight on Friday—Sunday. Parking in the parking lot is prohibited after 1:00 AM.
  4. All additional hours of rental must be requested at the time of reservation.  Additional fees apply. Caterers should check with the applicant concerning the time of their admittance.
  5. No “Hold” or “Tentative Dates” will be placed on bookings.  All reservations are considered “Firm Dates”.
  6. This application must have the approval of the Parks & Recreation Department on the last page.
  7. The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to require police officers at any given event. If police officers are required, a copy of a receipt stating that police have been hired by the applicant from the East Hartford Police Department must be received by this department at least (2) weeks prior to the event. All applicable fees pertaining to the hiring of Police Officers will be the responsibility of the applicant.
  8. No kegs are permitted. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the contract holder to enforce all of the applicable laws of the State of Connecticut that govern the consumption of alcohol when alcohol is consumed as part of the function for which this contract is granted. Alcohol is restricted to the inside of the building.  It is not allowed in the parking lot or outside the building.
  9. The sale of tickets at the door is not permitted.
  10. No decorations are allowed on the walls, doors, lights or beams; only completely fireproof table decorations are allowed; helium balloons are not allowed in the Ballroom and lobby; and no rice, or confetti is permitted. No candles or other open flame displays may be used. Renter is responsible for removing all signs placed on Veteran’s Memorial Clubhouse property as well as any placed off-site.
  11. Each applicant is responsible for setting up and taking down tables and chairs; or payment may be made at the time rental fee is paid to the Parks & Recreation Department. The fee is $10.00 for set-up; $10.00 for takedown per room.
  12. Each applicant shall be responsible for general cleanup, including the restrooms, following the conclusion of the event.  A $200.00 (refundable) security deposit is required at the time of payment of the rental fee. If building is left in satisfactory condition, a refund will be sent within 30 days after the event.  All refunds will be sent to the primary contract signer only.
  13. All food, beverages, dishes, cutlery and all other items brought in for the event, must be removed from the premises after each event. The Town will not be responsible for any of these items.
  14. No cooking allowed on the premises including outside grilling. The stove may be used for warming purposes only.
  15. No card playing, gambling, cash bar, pornographic films, “stag” parties, or disrobing in any fashion (male or female) is permitted.
  16. The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to change any or all of the rules pertaining to the administration of the property at all times.
  17. The Host/Ranger has the authority to immediately end an event if contract rules, Town Ordinances or Policies and Procedures are not being adhered to, or if the Police/Fire Department is called.
  18. Use of the facility will require all organizations (corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, non-profits, civic associations, etc.) to provide a certificate of insurance evidencing coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence general liability policy naming the Town as an additional insured. This certificate is due at the time of application and shall be forwarded to the Finance Director or his/her designee for approval.
  19. Town and board of Education agencies including associated Boards and Commissions, are exempt from Insurance Certificate requirements.
  20. Individuals, not associated with either of the above, agree to indemnify and hold the Town, its employees and elected officials, harmless for any and all losses (including but not limited to property damage and physical damage) associated with their use of the facility. The Town at its discretion, may require the submission of a homeowners insurance declaration page s proof of insurance and reserves the right to make a claim agains this policy should a loss occur.