East Hartford Senior Center's Special Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to inform and advise the Senior Services Coordinator and Program Supervisor regarding Senior Center operations and programs, participant and community needs and share information on participant satisfaction with current services and activities.  The Senior Center staff will bring suggestions and concerns to the mayor.

The Committee is comprised of seven (7) Senior Center members representing varied program areas.  The Committee elects a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Recording Secretary annually.

The Committee meets monthly on the first Friday of the month at the Senior Center.  Staff are represented at each meeting.

The Committee will address issues of concern conveyed to them by any member.  The issues may be presented personally or by a written note or email.  The agenda and highlights of the meeting are posted on the Senior Center Web page.  Additional information is contained in the Purpose and Rules of Operation and the minutes of the Senior Center Advisory Committee on file in the Senior Center office.