Inland Wetland Commission

The Inland Wetlands/Environment Commission consisting of seven (7) members is hereby established for the purpose of protecting, preserving, maintaining, and using our inland wetlands and watercourses as required by Public Act No. 72-155 to conserve natural resources and protecting the integrity of the environment within the territorial limits of the town.

The Commission ensures the conservation, maintenance, and protection of the Town’s inland wetlands, watercourses and natural resources. In accordance with its mission, the Commission conducts research into utilization of land areas in Town, keeps an index of open areas including wetlands and watercourses, investigates pollution problems and recommends to the Town Council the acquisition of land and easements. Proposals for development within mapped wetlands must first be considered and approved by the Inland Wetlands/Environment Commission.

The Inland Wetlands/ Environment Commission meets the 4th Tuesday of every month in Town Hall. Please check the Community Calendar on the website's homepage for any updated changes in meeting times or dates. Please note that meetings are called at the discretion of the Chairperson of the Commission.