Inland Wetlands Mapping

As identified in Section 3.1 of the Inland Wetlands-Environment Commission Regulations (the "Regulations"), the below maps of regulated area, entitled "Designated Inland Wetlands and Watercourses of the Town of East Hartford,Connecticut," delineate the general location and boundaries of inland wetlands and the general location of watercourses.  The maps also illustrate the approximate buffer zone, as defined in Section 2.01h of the Regulations, which includes areas within a radius of one hundred (100) feet from each point on the boundary of an inland wetland and two hundred (200) feet from a watercourse.  The precise location of regulated areas (and, therefore, the buffer zone) can be determined in the field by a qualified soil scientist (Section 3.4 of the Regulations).  The soil scientist must determine the regulated areas by the actual character of the land, the distribution of wetland soil types, and locations of watercourses.  Failure of the maps to depict an area as an inland wetland or watercourse shall create no presumption and shall not deprive the commission of authority to regulate if actual inspection reveals the area to be an inland wetland or watercourse.