Town Charter

Entire Town Charter
(for downloading)


Incorporation and General Powers
Section 1.1
Incorporation & General Powers
Section 1.2
Rights & Obligations
Section 1.3
General Grant of Power
Section 2.1
Section 2.2
Minority Representation
Section 2.3
Voting Districts
Section 2.4
Breaking the Tie
Section 2.5
Section 2.6
Section 2.7
Removal of Elected Officials
The Town Council
Section 3.1
The Council
Section 3.2
Presiding Officer and Clerk
Section 3.3
Section 3.4
General Powers and Duties
Section 3.5
Public Hearing on and Publication of Ordinances
Section 3.6
Emergency Ordinances
Section 3.7
Section 3.8
Relations to Administrative Service
Section 3.9
Annual Audit
Section 3.10
Approval of Ordinances and Appropriations by the Mayor
The Mayor
Section 4.1
Election and Qualification
Section 4.2
Section 4.3
Appointments and Terms
Offices and Departments
Section 5.1
Corporation Counsel
Section 5.2
Town Clerk
Section 5.3
Town Treasurer
Section 5.4
Administrative Departments
Section 5.5
Department of Finance
Section 5.6
Director of Finance
Section 5.7
Director of Human Resources
Section 5.8
Department of Public Works
Section 5.9
Director of Public Works
Section 5.10
Police Department
Section 5.11
Chief of Police
Section 5.12
Fire Department
Section 5.13
Fire Chief
Section 5.14
Department of Development
Section 5.15
Planning and Zoning Commission
Section 5.16
Department of Health and Social Services
Section 5.17
Director of Libraries
Section 5.18
Department of Parks and Recreation
Section 5.19
Director of Parks and Recreation
Section 5.20
Department of Inspections and Permits
Section 5.21
Director of Inspections and Permits
Section 5.22
Department of Youth Services
Section 5.23
Board of Zoning Appeals
Section 5.24
Offical Bonds
Section 5.25
Section 5.26
Political Activity
Finance and Taxation
Section 6.1
General Form of Budget Presentation
Section 6.2
Departmental Estimates
Section 6.3
Duties of the Mayor on the Budget
Section 6.4
Duties of the Council on the Budget
Section 6.5
Budget Referendum
Section 6.6
Emergency Appropriations
Section 6.7
Tax Bills
Section 6.8
Assessment and Collection of Taxes
Section 6.9
Expenditures and Accounting
Section 6.10
Merit System
Section 7.1
Merit System Established
Section 7.2
The Classified Service
Section 7.3
Political Activity
Section 7.4
Personnel Appeals Board
Initiative and Referendum
Section 8.1
Initiative, Power and Scope
Section 8.2
Initiative, Petition Procedure
Section 8.3
Referendum, Power and Scope
Section 8.4
Referendum, Petition Procedures, Suspension of Ordinance
Section 8.5
Initiative, Referendum Vote Required
Section 8.6
Initiative and Referendum
Section 8.7
Form of Question
Section 8.8
Transition and Miscellaneous Provisions
Section 9.1
Transfer of Powers
Section 9.2
Present Employees to Retain Positions
Section 9.3
Conflict of Interests
Section 9.4
Transfer of Records and Property
Section 9.5
Legal Proceedings
Section 9.6
Existing Laws and Ordinances
Section 9.7
Amendment of Charter
Section 9.8
Saving Clause
Section 9.9
Effective Date
Section 9.10
Provisions for Special Election