Ordinances - Updated as of April 25, 2024

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Below is each chapter within the Code of Ordinances as currently defined for review with description thereof.

Chapter Number
General Provisions
General Provisions for the Town
The Administration
Mayor's Salary, Explanation of Various Boards and Commissions, Directors' Qualifications


Signage, Pamphelts and Brochures
Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic Beverages
Building and Buildings
Property Maintenance Code; Parking Issues; Blight Issues; Demolition; Procedures for Zoning Violations;
Merchants; Junk Dealers; Tag Sales; Massage Parlors; Sexually-oriented Business; News Racks
Voting Districts
Finance and Taxation
Property Tax Exemptions; Purchases & Public Works Contracts; Bidding Procedures; Real Estate Committee; Municipal Reserve Funds; Reserve Funds for Self-Insured Programs
Fire Protection
Fire Protection


Food & Food Establishments
Food & Food Establishments
Nuisances; Public Peace and Safety; Curfew; Adult Reading Material; Alarm Systems; Noise Pollution re: Amplified Sound; Panhandling
Parks and Recreation
Rules & Regulations; Assemblies & Group Activities;
Personnel Appeals Board; Code of Ethics; Disability Retirement Benefits
Solid Waste Disposal
Municipal Solid Waste; Collection Policies; Bulky Waste Transfer Station Permit; Recycling
Sewers and Sewage
Sewers and Sewage
Streets and Sidewalks
Rules & Regulations; Excavation Permit; Sidewalk Sales Snow-on Streets; Snow Removal around Hydrants; Construction/Maintenance of Sidewalks & Curbs
See Chapter 7.
See Chapter 7.
Trees and Vegetation
Tree Warden; Failure to Cut Grass & Weeds
Vehicles and Traffic
Abandoned Inoperable Vehicles; Parking Regulations; Formal Hearing Procedures; Parking Violations Hearing Officers; Pocket BikesThru-Truck Traffic