2023 Renters Rebate Program

2023 Renters Rebate Program

East Hartford, CT - East Hartford Social Services will process applications for the State of Connecticut, Office of Policy and Management, Renter’s Rebate Program.  This program may provide elderly and disabled renters with a refund check, based on the amount of rent and utilities they paid in 2022. The application period runs from April 1st through October 1st 2023.

Who is eligible?

East Hartford residents who are 65 years of age or older or disabled, who are 18 years old or older by 12/31/22.

What is the income level?

The 2022 Qualifying income (including all Social Security benefits) must not exceed an income of $40,300 for a single individual or $49,100 for a married couple. If you receive state cash assistance, have to be LESS than $690 total for the year 2022.  

You need a copy of your Social Security card.

What income information for all 12 months of the year 2022 is needed?

If you are age 65 and over, you might need:  

  • the Social Security Income for 2022 (form 1099) & or the SSI form if applicable;
  • a Copy of Income Tax Return with all schedules, if filed;
  • a copy of the 1099 forms for pensions, dividends, interest, stocks & bonds, etc.
  • a W-2’s form from employment
  • copy of the Veterans Disability or Railroad Retirement

If you are disabled and under 65 years old, you might need:

  • the BPQY or Benefit Verification Form from Social Security showing the date when the disability began & proof of the Social Security Income, if applicable               
  • other forms listed above, if applicable

Which paid bills for 2022 are needed?

  • Rent receipts for all 12 months of the year 2022 or ledger from your landlord.
  • Utility bills you paid in 2022 (heat, gas, electric, only). Telephone, cable, medical bills or UniteCT rent CAN NOT BE INCLUDED.

When Can I Apply?

On April 1st,  2023 through October 1, 2023.

How to apply?

  1. If you file last year, please look for an application in the mail, sign the application, add all required documents and send them back by mail.
  2. You can also print the application from HERE sign and send via fax to 860-291-7304 with all documents. You can also drop the application and copy of the documents in the drop box in front of the Community Cultural Center- 50 Chapman Place, EH, CT 06108.
  3. If you live in one of the housing complexes of the town, Social Workers will be at your housing building at a determined and announced date and time. You bring your paperwork and complete the application there.
  4. You can also set up an in-person appointment by calling 860-291-7248, during business hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. You must bring all your documents. 

If you have any questions, please call 860-291-7248.

The applicant might designate another person to file the Renter’s Rebate application on their behalf.   The rebate checks will be mailed out by the Office of Policy and Management at the end of the application period - October 2023.  Persons renting an apartment or room or living in cooperative housing, or a mobile home may be eligible for this program. Renters' rebates can be up to $900 for married couples and $700 for single person. The renters' rebate amount is based on a graduated income scale and the amount of rent and utility payments (excluding telephone) made in the calendar year prior to the year in which the renter applies.