For Dog Owners

Important facts for Dog Owners in the Town Of East Hartford
Canine Officer-  860-291-7572

Please be considerate- Clean up after your dog

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Important Dates
Registration Period July 1 to June 30
Renewal in the Month of June

Spayed or neutered - $ 8.00
Not Spayed or neutered - $19.00
Transfer from another Connecticut town - $ 1.00
Replacement for lost current tag - $  .50
Per Month penalty for late Registration - $ 1.00

License Requirement
You must apply within 30 days of puppy turning six months of age, or upon obtaining a new dog.
You must have a current rabies certificate for your dog.
You must have a certificate of spaying/neutering, if applicable

Did you know...........
There are some town ordinances and state statutes that you should be aware as a dog owner. We have listed them here for your convenience to familiar yourself with them.

State statute 53-247
This statute says that you as a pet owner or keeper, must provide food, water and shelter for your pet. The animal must have shelter from outdoor elements when left outdoors.

This rule also covers animals left in vehicles. Please do not take your pet where it will have to wait for you in your vehicle. This is a DEFINITE health risk for an animal.

Violations carry a mandatory court appearance.

State Statute 22-363
This Statute says it is a violation for any dog to bark to excess OR to create a disturbance OR by such barking become an annoyance to any sick person residing in the area.


This circumstance could arise and become a problem if dogs are left out of doors when owners are not at home to control them


A violation of this statute carries a fine for the first offense and a mandatory court appearance for each subsequent offense

State Statute 22-364
This statue says it’s a violation for any dog to roam at large on any town property or the property of an another. A violation carries a fine.

Town Ordinance
This ordinance states that it is a violation for your pet to defecate on the property of another or any town property unless the owner cleans up the feces. A violation carries a fine.