Truancy & Defiant of School Rules Referrals


The Connecticut General Statutes have identified Youth Service Bureaus as “the coordinating unit of community-based services to provide comprehensive delivery of prevention, intervention, treatment and follow-up services.” With this in mind, schools now have a system of referring students to the local Youth Service Bureau for chronic matters of truancy and school defiance. Once the school reaches a threshold where they and the family are unable to achieve positive outcomes, the school may (with parent permission) refer such cases to the local Youth Service Bureau… East Hartford Youth Services. Youth Services will work closely with the family to identify and address issues that impact the child’s attendance and/or behavior.  Parents or legal guardians may also contact Youth Services for such matters at any time – even without a referral from the school.

Youth Service Bureaus were designed to facilitate a system of supports and services that are individualized and developmentally appropriate for the child/youth and their family. As a coordinating partner outside of the school system, a Youth Service Bureau can be a resource for schools/districts, a referral source for community services and a partner in service planning, navigation and family engagement.

For questions or concerns regarding a truancy or school defiance referral, contact Marc Bassos, Youth Outreach Coordinator, East Hartford Youth Services at 860-291-7182.