Juvenile Review Board

Established in 1974, the East Hartford JRB is a collaborative effort between East Hartford Youth Services, the East Hartford Police Department, East Hartford Public Schools, Juvenile Probation (Court for Juvenile Matters) and the CT Department of Children and Families (DCF).

The East Hartford Juvenile Review Board (JRB) offers a meaningful alternative to criminal court for East Hartford youth, ages 9-17, referred by the East Hartford Police Department, Public Schools and Youth Services. This diversion is an option for offenders who have committed a misdemeanor offense and admit responsibility. It is also an option for those who exhibit behavior that is detrimental to the family or school environment (truancy, beyond control of the parent, school disobedience, etc.)  The parent/guardian must consent to their child's diversion away from the Juvenile Court and to the local JRB for local services.

The parent/guardian of any youth who commits a criminal or FWSN violation (and is eligible) will be issued a JRB Summons by the police, the school, or by Youth Services.  This summons offers a diversion from the Juvenile Court and affords the youth and family the opportunity to address the issue without a Juvenile Court record.  Failure to comply with the disposition of the JRB may result in a summons to the Court for Juvenile Matters (Hartford).  Most services offered by the JRB are with agencies right here in the East Hartford Community; with East Hartford Youth Services being the primary service provider.  All programs at East Hartford Youth Services are free of charge and available only to town residents.

For questions or concerns regarding the JRB or the issuance of a JRB Summons, contact Marc Bassos, Youth Outreach Coordinator, East Hartford Youth Services at 860-291-7182.