Renters Rebate Sign-Ups for 2022


East Hartford Social Services reminds residents that the application period for the annual Renters Rebate Program begins on April 1, 2022. The application period runs from April 1st - October 1, 2022. This program sponsored by the State of Connecticut, Office of Policy & Management may provide elderly and disabled renters with a small refund check based on the amount of rent and utilities they paid in 2021. Filing options for this year's program include:  calling the department at 860-291-7248 to set up an in-person or phone appointment.  Signed applications and required documents can be dropped off in the Social Services Office on the lower level of Town Hall, 740 Main Street, returned via fax 860-291-7304, US Mail or placed in the green drop box in Town Hall parking lot. 

To view printable flyer: CLICK HERE

 Eligibility requirements are:

  • 65 years of age or older or 100% disabled, age 18 or older (by 12/31/2021) 
  • 2021 QUALIFYING income (including all Social Security benefits) must not have exceeded $46,400 for a married couple or $38,100 for a single individual

Required Income Documentation (all for calendar year 2021):

  • Social Security Income (form SSA 1099) & SSI if applicable
  • Copy of 2021 Federal Income Tax Return & all schedules, if filed, 1099 forms for pensions, dividends, interest, stocks & bonds, etc.
  • W-2's from employment
  • Veterans Disability or Railroad Retirement
  • 100% Disabled: Benefit Verification letter from Social Security stating date disability began & proof of SSI benefit, along with other forms listed above, if applicable                                       
Required Expense Documentation:
  • Rent receipts for 2021 (all 12 months)
  • Utility bills you paid in 2021 (heat, gas, electric, only). NO telephone, cable or medical bills
  • NOTE: Excluding any UniteCT rent or utility payments

Appointments may be scheduled by calling Social Services at 860-291-7248. This year's program dates run from April 1 - October 1, 2022.

Download an application to return to Social Services: CLICK HERE

                                                                          Please Note:

Rebate checks will not start being mailed out until the end of the application period. Anyone the applicant designates may file an application on their behalf.