Fall Prevention

Prevent Falls from Changing Your Life

Falls happen to everyone, but if you are over age 65, a fall can change your life. Fortunately, falls can be prevented. You owe it to yourself and your family to find out how.

Risks for falling include:

  • Difficulty walking, getting up, or sitting down,
  • Losing your balance,
  • Taking four or more medications on a regular basis,
  • Drops in blood pressure, dizziness,
  • Problems with vision, hearing, numbness in feet, memory, confusion,
  • Foot pain and ill-fitting shoes, and
  • Hazards at home.

Strategies for Older Adults to prevent falls include:

  • Have yearly vision and hearing check-ups,
  • Keep glasses clean and in good repair,
  • Never walk wearing reading glasses,
  • Use extra caution on stairs, curbs, and uneven surfaces,
  • Remove anything that narrows walking paths,
  • Always have adequate lighting day and night,
  • Eliminate possible tripping hazards,
  • Wear supportive shoes,
  • Use chairs with arms, and
  • Always get help changing ceiling light bulbs, smoke detector batteries, and doing other chores that require climbing.

Courtesy of the Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention