How can I use a computer?

The library provides computers for public use. You need a valid CT library card to use a computer.

All patrons, regardless of where they live, may have up to three hours of computer usage at the East Hartford Public Library per day. These hours need not be consecutive. Patrons may use a period of time, leave, then come back to use their remaining time at any point during the hours that the library is open. Exceptions for extending the three hour time limit will be made only for patrons needing time to complete a job application, take pre-employment testing, and other rare circumstances. Patrons may only use their own library cards to log on to a library computer. Using the cards of other patrons to extend time on the computers may result in both cards being blocked from computer usage for a period of time.

Computer use is free, but printing costs 25 cents/page. People are encouraged to bring their own USB devices for saving files.