Reopening of Outdoor Food Service Establishments

restaurant reopening

East Hartford, CT—The Town of East Hartford is in the process of assisting local restaurants to reopen their doors to the public, following Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7 MM. As part of the Governor’s Phase I reopening process, food service establishments will be allowed to reopen on May 20th exclusively for outdoor purposes only after receiving a permit from the town. The permits are free of charge.

“The Town of East Hartford is committed to helping local restaurants in their reopening efforts,” said Mayor Marcia Leclerc. “However, it is instrumental that they follow established re-certification and safety procedures to ensure wellbeing of their employees and customers.”

Prior to opening their doors, restaurant owners must self-certify that they are following strict safety guidelines to keep their employees and customers safe. To self-certify, please visit Local restaurants will also be required to submit the following information to the Town of East Hartford:

  • Copy of DECD self-certification badge, obtained at
  • Scaled drawing/sketch showing the following
    • Location of outside activity/dining area
    • Arrangement and spacing of tables
    • Location of building exists if close to outside activity
    • Location of building, width of sidewalk and curb if outside activity is to be located on a sidewalk.
    • Location of parking spaces or driveways if close to outside activity
    • Any barriers or means to keep outside patrons safe from motor vehicles
    • Location of trash containers
    • Location of any temporary lighting if activity will continue past dusk.

Additionally, restaurant owners will be asked to describe their plans for managing issues such as noise, waste management, odor, light pollution and environmental impacts.

Upon receiving the above-mentioned information, the Town of East Hartford will respond within 10 days to approve or reject the application.

To apply for a temporary outdoor activity permit, please visit this link.

For further details please contact Inspections and Permits Director Greg Grew at [email protected] or call 860-874-8034. For instructions on reopening please see this link.