East Hartford Health Department Continues Mosquito Control Program

mosquito control

East Hartford, CT - The East Hartford Health Department advises residents that due to above average precipitation and high temperatures, several areas of Town are experiencing intense mosquito activity. Mosquito control crews have been applying adulticide in several of the parks as well as the usual breeding areas. This week, the crews applied barrier treatments that provide a residual killing effect for several days, which will help reduce mosquito populations. We will continue to monitor mosquito activity and schedule additional treatments as necessary. 

Please be advised, Integrated Mosquito Management will be applying larvicide treatments to catch basins the week of August 2nd. Residents are also advised to practice mosquito bite prevention, including wearing insect repellent while outdoors, especially during dawn and dusk when mosquitos are active, and emptying source of standing water on your property at least once a week.

For additional details on the Town's mosquito control program please visit this page.