Leaf Collection Program 2023 to Begin October 30, 2023

Leaf Collection Program 2023 to Begin October 30, 2023

East Hartford, CT— The Town of East Hartford will begin the annual curbside leaf collection program on Monday, October 30, 2023. The program will feature a continuous vacuuming of leaves placed in piles on a tree belt. Leaves will be vacuumed Monday through Saturday starting October 30th continuously through December 9, 2023. 

The leaf collection program will commence on roads in the northwest corner of town in the area of Pitkin Street and then proceed north and east through the Burnham and Goodwin Street areas. Leaves will be vacuumed along each street, weather permitting. Collection will proceed in a clockwise direction around town. There will be no leaf collection on two (2) Town-observed holidays—Veterans Day, November 10, 2023 and Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2023.

The schedule for leaf pickup can be found on the Department of Public Works Weekly Advisory Map and on the Facebook page.


The map will show completed areas as well as the areas where leaf collection is anticipated the following week. Residents should note that the map is tentative and dependent on the weather and the speed of collection and should not be considered a set collection schedule. Progress of the collection is weather-dependent and will be affected by rain or snow. Snowfall before mid-December may cause a suspension or cancelation of leaf collection. The map will be updated with address-specific collection information, such as whether collection has been completed or is anticipated by close of business on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Residents, please look for leaf program lawn signs! Leaf collection lawn signs will be posted in neighborhoods to notify residents that curbside leaf pickup is coming, and to encourage raking to the tree belt and paper leaf bag collection.

Please do not block storm drains and catch basins with leaves to prevent flooding issues. 

Residents also have two (2) additional options for leaf disposal:

OPTION 1:  Curbside Brown Bag Collection for six (6) weeks

  • Town crews will pick up leaves placed in biodegradable brown paper bags beginning October 30, 2023 through December 9, 2023 on your regular waste collection day, weather permitting. Leaves, in biodegradable brown paper bags only. No grass clippings, branches or other waste items can be placed in the paper bags nor will the Town collect leaves in plastic bags. 

OPTION 2:  Resident Transport to The Transfer Station for FREE Disposal

  • Residents may also bring their leaves to the Transfer Station on Ecology Drive between 8 AM to 1:45 PM on the following days:
    • Every Saturday in November
    • First three Saturdays in December
    • Transfer Station will be open on November 11 & 25 for leaves only.

Leaves in plastic bags will not be accepted.

Instructions for using the Weekly Advisory Map:

 Enter your address in the search bar.

 The Map will show your property- click on it to pull up the anticipated collection week.

To find out if the leaf collection has already been completed in your area, please click on the road centerline, which will indicate if the street has been completed.

For any additional information, please call Public Works Administration, 860-291-7374.