Service to Youth Award Recipients

The East Hartford Community has had a long tradition of having those rare individuals who give of their time to Coach, to Teach, to Support, to Guide, to Nurture and Care for the children of this community.

This annual award is given to recognize an individual or individuals for their outstanding service to the Youth of East Hartford.

Town of East Hartford Service to Youth – Award Recipient
1982    Kenneth Gwozdz
1983    Jean Bidwell
1984    Marjory Zervas
1985    Eugene Bailey
1986    James Agnew
1987    Arthur Rettberg
1988    Richard Montovani
1989    John Byrnes

1990    William Howard
1991    Bob Wood
1992    Dennis Shea
1994    Linda Chamberlain
1995    Sharon Saternis
1996    Nancy Fitzgerald
1997    Francis ‘Fran’ Bugbee
1998    George Drumm
1999    Francis Harris

2000    Pamala Standfest
2001    Anita Bender
2002    Stan deMello
2003    Melody Currey
2004    Irene Cone
2005    Reggie & Herb Barall, Hank Giardi, Ray McKenna
2006    Mark Cardello
2007    Mary Morlock
2008    Jen Hills
2010    Nate Quesnel
2011    Todd Case
2012    Janet Roberts, Stephanie Bohannon
2016    Henry Genga
2017    Dr. Maria Malfa
2018    Effie DiBenedetto
2019    Aida Vazquez-Canidate