Youth Outreach

The Youth Outreach component of Youth Services provides in-school, after-school, evening and weekend service learning and intervention opportunities for identified high risk youth. Programs are developed to reduce youth violence, delinquent behavior, and school truancy. Outreach Staff regularly engage community youth through numerous activities that improve pro-social behavior and attitudes.

Call: (860) 291-7182

Adventure Plus

The Adventure Plus program helps to foster better relationships between our youth and our local police officers. Once per month at each school (Middle, High School and Synergy), twelve students are selected to participate in a 5 hour adventure-based curriculum focusing on building mutual respect and understanding through teambuilding exercises and games. The sessions are facilitated by two Youth Services staff and include a weekly rotation of two East Hartford Police Officers. The opportunity for all participants to dispel stereotypes and engage in dialogue is a true learning experience.  In 2015, an abriviated elementary level Adventure Plus Program has been added. For further information, please contact Marc Bassos (860) 291-7182.

Before You Text (10-18 year olds with Parent): A monthly, 90 minute, information and discussion about social media, text, and similar safety.  Legal information will be given to help youth and parents better understand what types of posts and messages can get them in trouble. This is a great way to start conversations to avoid your child getting involved in any social media act of bullying, harassment or violence. Youth must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Youth and parents may be asked to attend if they become involved with the East Hartford Juvenile Review Board, the Juvenile Court, or a school administrator.  However, ALL youth and parents/guardians are invited to participate in this program.  

Please contact Marc Bassos (860) 291-7182 or CLICK HERE for more information about Before you Text seminars.

Substance Abuse Prevention (10-18 year olds with Parent): A monthly, 90 minute, information and discussion group for youth and their parents/guardians. This is a great way to start conversations substance use and/or abuse. Youth must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

Youth who are referred to the East Hartford Juvenile Review Board due to involvement in any aspect of illegal drug or alcohol use, possession, and/or sale may be asked to attend. The Juvenile Court or a school administrator may also suggest a youth attend.  

Please contact Marc Bassos (860) 291-7182 or CLICK HERE for more information about Substance Abuse Prevention seminars.

Truancy Intervention & Prevention Surveys (TIPS)

The TIPS initiative is designed to assist parents/guardians of those students who struggle with school attendance in grades 6-12. Through a series of survey questions posed to the parent/guardian by a Youth Services Outreach Worker, recommendations are addressed that will assist in developing rules and strategies that will reduce truancy. Referrals for TIPS participation will come directly from the school or through a JRB referral. For more information, please contact Marc Bassos at (860) 291-7182.

CHOICES - Anger Management Program

What do you do when someone or something gets you so mad that you lose your temper or your self control? And what happens when you can't get over your anger?

Our "CHOICES" group will help you learn and choose options that allow you to keep your personal power, control and freedom. Did you know that your happiness is determined by your reaction to your environment? There is a space between feeling anger and your reaction to it. Let us help you fill that space with "CHOICES". Once you know that you have choices, you will become responsible for your own destiny.

Youth may participate by the following referral sources:

  • Youth Services Clinical Staff
  • East Hartford Public Schools
  • Teen Task Force / Service Assessment Team
  • Juvenile Review Board
  • Court mandate for Anger Management course
  • Division of Children & Families (DCF)
  • Office of Juvenile or Adult Probation
  • By a concerned parent or guardian
  • By the youth ... yes, you can reach out to help yourself!

CHOICES is offered as a need for it arises.  Please contact Marc Bassos at (860) 291-7182 for more information.