Back to School Safety Tips

Please Take Safety Precautions Around School Busses, Stops & Schools
Back to School Safety Tips

School starts in East Hartford on August 30, and the East Hartford Police Department wants to remind all drivers to stop when the lights on school buses are flashing red. Connecticut State law requires that drivers stop for school buses that are flashing red warning lights, on all undivided highways whether they are approaching or behind the school bus. Failure to stop can cause serious consequences. Failure to obey this law carries fines for motorists starting at $465.00 for the first offense.

“As school starts up in the next couple of weeks, it is important for parents and guardians to remind their children about safety procedures around bus stops," Mayor Marcia A. Leclerc said. "Most accidents involving school buses take place while children are entering or exiting the school bus each day, so please take extra care when traveling behind or near a bus.”

East Hartford Police Chief Scott Sansom offers these safety tips to remember: Have a safe place to wait for your bus and enter and exit the bus away from traffic; Stay away from the bus until it comes to complete stop and the driver signals you to enter; When being dropped off, children should exit the bus and walk ahead of it before crossing in front as the bus driver can see you better; Use the hand rails to enter and exit the bus; Children should be aware of their surroundings and be extra careful while crossing the street as not all drivers obey the law; Children should always look both ways before crossing any street. If children have questions regarding their safety or the behavior of other riders during their trip, they should bring their concerns to their parents, police, or school officials immediately to ensure the safety of all.

Over the next couple of weeks Officers will be stepping up enforcement in school zones and bus routes to ensure that the motoring public is obeying traffic laws so our children can stay safe.

For more back to school information, please visit the East Hartford Public Schools website.