Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Employment Opportunities
The Parks and Recreation Department generally accepts applications from January through June for various seasonal (Summer) positions.

  • Lifeguards must be at least 15 years old and have current certification in American Red Cross Lifeguarding OR be able to successfully complete a course prior to the start of the summer season.  Lifeguards are assigned to one of the town’s outdoor or indoor pools, and typically work a varied schedule including nights and weekends.  The Parks and Recreation Department offers American Red Cross Lifeguarding certification courses, and course dates will be available on our website.  Opportunities for lifeguards to work at our indoor pools during the school year are also available.  
  • Camp Counselors must be at least 16 years old and are responsible for planning and leading activities and experiences for children in a group setting, as well as overseeing the general safety and development of the children under their supervision.  Camp counselors should be available to work the entire summer season, Monday through Friday, from late June to mid-August.  Prior experience working with children is highly preferred, and CPR and/or First Aid certification is recommended, but not required.
  • Park Rangers must be at least 18 years old and will work a varied schedule of primarily evening and weekend hours in our parks and facilities.  Rangers are responsible to open and secure our facilities, provide supervision during events and rentals, enforce policies governing facility use, keep attendance records, perform light cleaning and maintenance, and recognize emergencies and take necessary actions. 



Completed applications can be submitted via:
Mail:  East Hartford Parks and Recreation, 50 Chapman Place, Box 1, East Hartford, CT 06108
Drop-off:  East Hartford Community Cultural Center, 50 Chapman Place, East Hartford, CT 06108  (Drop Box located outside lower level entrance)

Tips on Completing a Great Application:

  • Submit your application early, even if the deadline is months away. 
  • Your application is the first thing we see; fill out all sections completely and accurately.  Your application should be completed by you, not by a parent.
  • Each individual who applies may not necessarily receive an interview.  The information you provide on your application (as well as the additional form for Camp Counselor applicants) will help to determine who the best candidates are, and these are the candidates who will receive a personal interview.
  • Employment references are required.
  • Make yourself stand out by listing all applicable experience, honors, and supervisory roles that would make you a better candidate.  For example, were you an Eagle Scout?  High Honors student?  Food Bank volunteer? Did you volunteer at a youth camp?  Did you complete leadership training?  Include this on your application!  These are the things that make you stand out. 
  • When scheduling an interview, or calling with any questions regarding your potential employment, all communication should be between the applicant and the employer. Don't have a parent call for you; instead, show us that you are interested in the position and responsible by reaching out yourself. 
  • Lastly, make sure that you will be available to commit to the requirements of the position.  For summer positions, we are looking for staff who are available to work the short (7-8 week) summer season.  If you have numerous conflicts and/or will not be available for a large chunk of time during the summer, this may not be the right fit for you.

Tips on a Successful Interview:

  • Be on time. This is so important, as it shows potential employers that you would likely be reliable and timely when showing up to work. 
  • Dress appropriately. This does not necessarily mean dressing up (though you are welcome to!) but more so about looking neat, clean and professional. 
  • Relax. We know that many applicants are interviewing for the first time. We've all been there!  We know that you may not have a lot of experience, and that's ok.  We are more interested to find out if you are confident, a good decision maker, reliable, able to enforce rules and respond to emergencies, and able to be a role model for the children in our programs. 
  • Take your time. Don't worry if you need us to repeat a question; we don't mind!  Think about your response, and take a few seconds to formulate an answer if you need to. 
  • Be honest with your answers.

Volunteer Opportunities
The Parks and Recreation Department offers volunteer and community service opportunities throughout the year in a variety of settings including Special Olympics, special events and building maintenance. Availability varies.  Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (860) 291-7160 for current availabilty.