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Mayor Leclerc's New Year's Message

Happy New Year!

Mayor Leclerc's Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the coming together of friends and family; sharing a meal and collectively reflecting on everything we... Read more »

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Early Detection is Key

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I wanted to take the opportunity to encourage all members of our community to learn more about this... Read more »

Mayor’s Cleanup: Thank You to All of Our Volunteers!

This year’s Mayor’s Cleanup Day was a great success. We had over 300 volunteers join us last Saturday. In addition to general clean up and litter... Read more »

Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead: You Can

September is National Preparedness month, recognizing that adequate preparation makes a big difference in an emergency situation. This year’s... Read more »

Join Me for the Mayor’s Cleanup As We Beautify East Hartford

As summer grows old and autumn is on the horizon, I am happy to once again announce the Mayor’s Cleanup Day, an annual tradition that brings the... Read more »

UTRC and Pratt & Whitney are the Fabric of East Hartford's Future

Last month, I attended the opening of the new and expanded $60 million state-of-the art innovation hub, United Technologies Research Center (UTRC). ... Read more »

East Hartford Companies at the Forefront of Innovation

One of the most important duties of being Mayor is taking the time to meet with the many innovative and cutting – edge businesses who are not only... Read more »

Visiting Vibrant East Hartford Businesses

East Hartford has a vibrant, and and diverse business community. We are welcoming new and expanding businesses to our community and celebrating... Read more »

Congressman Larson Shares I-84 Interchange Proposal

Two weeks ago Representative John Larson shared with the East Hartford Town Council and our community his vision for a new interchange that would... Read more »

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day

Every July 4th I like to take a moment to reflect on the birth of our country, the values we cherish, and the common history that binds our community... Read more »

Wishing the Best to All East Hartford Graduates

Each year as spring turns to summer; East Hartford students of all ages are graduating from high schools and colleges and starting new adventures.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Opportunities & Events This Summer

While we’ve had a series of cold and rainy days lately, summer is just around the corner, and I wanted to share some information about amenities and... Read more »

Please Help Us Keep East Hartford's Mosquito Population Under Control

Each year, around mid-spring, the Town of East Hartford, as well as every town and city across the country, will see the mosquito population hatch.... Read more »

McKenna Field Press Box to be Restored

On November 20, 2016, unknown persons set fire to the press box at McKenna Field. The press box was completely burned, and a portion of the backstop... Read more »

Happy Earth Day!

Springtime is finally driving away winter’s chill and snow and buds are bursting and flowers are blooming!

Celebrating our Heritage on St. Patrick’s Day

One of the things I love about East Hartford is the great diversity of national backgrounds that our residents bring to this community. Special... Read more »

FY 18 Budget Prioritizes Stability and Services

Next week I will be presenting my proposed budget for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2017 to the Town Council for consideration. This proposal... Read more »

East Hartford is a Community of Respect and Tolerance

We are all immigrants. Our great Town was founded by settler colonists who came to Connecticut from England.

Winter Weather Reminders

Winter is in full swing and even though we have had a stretch of warm days these past few weeks we anticipate that it will get cold and snow once... Read more »