Lunch with the Mayor

2020 “Lunch with the Mayor” Schedule

Mayor Marcia Leclerc will continue the “Lunch with the Mayor” monthly meetings in 2020. These meetings are generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 12 PM in the Welling Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Town Hall. These luncheon meetings are a great opportunity for East Hartford residents to meet with the Mayor and discuss any questions or concerns they may have through an in-person, Q&A session. Each meeting will also include town updates from Mayor Leclerc as well as information and updates from various department directors.

The 2020 Lunch with the Mayor schedule is as follows:      

No January Meeting

No July or August Meetings

 February 27, 2020No September Meeting

No March Meeting

October 22, 2020     

April 23, 2020

No November Meeting

May 28, 2020

No December meeting

June 25, 2020 

Please Note: All dates are subject to change. Any date changes will be posted on the Mayor’s webpage on the Town’s website prior to the meeting date and we encourage all residents who plan on attending the above scheduled meeting to contact the Mayor’s office or check the website to confirm date and time.

Please contact the Mayor’s Office at (860) 291-7200 with any questions.