Request a Meeting Room

Please read these rules in their entirety before requesting a room.

The primary use of meeting rooms is to provide appropriate space for programs and functions that are organized or presented by the East Hartford Public Library.

As a community service, library meeting rooms may at times be used by East Hartford-based non-profit organizations and businesses, at the sole discretion and timing of the library. All meetings will be open to the general public. Profit-making groups will not be permitted to use the library meeting rooms. Individuals who are not affiliated with local organizations cannot use the library meeting rooms. Due to administrative tasks, at least seven days’ notice is required to reserve any library meeting room, though more notice is always preferred.

Those applying to use the library meeting rooms must agree to, and adhere to, the following:

1. REQUIREMENTS. Meeting room space is intended for specific organizational events rather than for regularly scheduled, on-going meetings. The meeting room shall not be used for political campaign activities or rallies, partisan events, regularly scheduled religious services, or fundraisers (except those which may benefit the library). The meeting rooms shall not be used for private social events such as parties, showers, anniversaries, or receptions. Library- sponsored groups (e.g., Hockanum Crafters) may use the meeting rooms as needed with library approval.

2. RESERVATIONS. An organization may have a maximum of two reservations in place at any given time. No applications will be accepted earlier than six months before the desired meeting date. (For example: for a meeting to be held on July 3, the earliest date an application may be submitted is January 3.)  No group may transfer the use of a room reservation to another group or individual. Room reservations should be made at least one week before the room is needed.

3. BOOKING PROCEDURE. The procedure for booking a library meeting room:

Step One: Requesting a Room: Call the East Hartford Public Library Administration Office at (860) 290-4338 to check on room availability and submit a room use application. Before you begin, you will need:

  • Your East Hartford Public Library card number
  • Your organization’s 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exemption number.

Step Two: Room Confirmation: Generally within three to five business days, you will receive email notification stating whether your application has or has not been approved. If you do not receive this notification, or if you do not have an email account, please call the library at (860) 290-4338 after three business days to see if your room use application has been approved.

Note: The library may also request an organization’s membership list and/or its bylaws, to further verify the group’s non-profit status or East Hartford connection. All applications are subject to the approval of the Library Director and proof of insurance will be required:

A one (1) million dollar per occurrence liability policy must be in force for all profit and non-profit groups. You must submit a certificate of insurance, evidencing this coverage at the time of application. This policy must be endorsed to name the Town of East Hartford, its official’s, employees and volunteers as additional insureds.

If you are an individual, you will need to have $300,000 of liability insurance in force through a homeowner or renter policy.  A copy of the declaration page must be submitted at the time of application.

4. SET-UP. Library meeting rooms will be set-up as staffing allows. Organizations may at times be responsible for setting up the room. The library cannot be responsible for rearranging furniture after the room set-up has been completed. Each group should allow enough time to set up before, and take down all furniture at the close of its meeting.

5. KITCHEN / FOOD. Depending on the room, kitchen facilities may be available including a sink, microwave and a refrigerator. Food and beverages which may create clean up problems should not be served. Food and beverages cannot be taken to other areas of the library. Alcoholic beverages may not be served and smoking is not permitted. No open flames, camping burners, sterno, or electric burners may be used.

6. CLEANLINESS. All meeting rooms and the kitchen area must be left in a very clean and orderly condition. Any organization not complying will be denied future use of this facility. The individual booking the room is responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of the booking, including stains on the carpet. Items are not to be taped or posted on the walls, doors, lights or display cases.

7. 15-MINUTE RULE. All meetings must end 15 minutes before the library is closing and the complete building vacated by closing time. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Library Director.

8. CANCELLATIONS. The library retains the right to cancel any meeting room reservation granted to an outside organization for operational reasons. The library will provide as much notice of the cancelled reservation as is possible.

9. ROOM CAPACITY. Attendance is limited to the room capacity posted by the Fire Marshall. All exits must be completely unobstructed at all times.

10. ENDORSEMENTS. The fact that a group is permitted to meet does not constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the East Hartford Public Library. All advertisements, announcements, press releases, flyers, etc., relating to meetings must not imply that the event is sponsored by the East Hartford Public Library. The library may not be used as a mailing address.

11. EXCHANGE OF MONEY. Meeting room use is not allowed to serve as a platform to generate income for any group or individual. No exchange of money (such as an admission fee, registration fee, donation or solicitation) is allowed in connection with, prior to, during, or as a result of any events held in library facilities. Exceptions to this rule may be made for library-sponsored programs such as author talks or musical acts, where the sale of books or CDs may be allowed as a convenience to program attendees.

12. LOSS OF PROPERTY. The Town of East Hartford and the East Hartford Public Library, its Director, employees, and volunteers assume no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage of any property, of any group or individual using a library meeting room and, in addition, assume no responsibility for the personal injury (including death) of any individual using a library meeting room unless such property damage or personal injury is directly caused by the sole negligence or intentional tort of the Town, the Library, or its representatives.