Makerspace Paper Theatre

Panel #1

The Makerspace Paper Theater is a collaborative art installation incorporating the stories of East Hartford.

Artist Marc Pettersen has created a framed paper diorama with two distinct panels representing scenes in East Hartford, accompanied by audio and back-projected with video. The Makerspace Paper Theatre was built in the library’s Makerspace, the Creative Commons. As a collaborative project, it includes visual components and stories created by community members.

Marc used the Silhouette Cameo and 3D printers to cut out and print shapes. Some components were created during public workshops held as part of our “Creative Arts Open Hours” on Monday nights. The project has two separate "sets": one features a private home in East Hartford, and the other depicts a commercial building on Main Street. Each set has multiple panels, and the Main Street set includes two separate stories.

To view the animations, view the project here. To experience the full scope of the project, including audio, visit us at the library, where the Makerspace Paper Theatre is on display in the Creative Commons.

The Makerspace Paper Theatre was developed at the library by artist Marc Pettersen in collaboration with community members and with support from an Artist Project grant from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment of the Arts, a federal agency.