Town of East Hartford Launches a New Service Request Platform

"My East Hartford" Is Now LIVE
My East Hartford

Mayor Marcia A. Leclerc is proud to announce that the Town of East Hartford debuted a new citizen request management platform called “My East Hartford.”

“This service request feature helps citizens to easily inform the Town of important issues ranging from property maintenance concerns to road surface issues and street light outages,” said Mayor Leclerc. “My East Hartford” is an amazing tool that links residents with Town services and the information they need to enjoy their community and stay connected with local government.

The platform streamlines and manages resident requests for service, allowing staff and the public to smoothly track case progress and receive updates. “My East Hartford” is available for smartphone users in the App Store and Google Play as well as on our mobile-friendly Town website, allowing you to choose your preferred way of staying connected with the Town and being able to easily submit your requests for service.

With “My East Hartford,” Town Information and service requests are just a few clicks away. The system works like this—if a resident has a concern that needs a resolution (e.g. a pothole or a missed garbage pickup), they can submit it via “My East Hartford.” Each request is given a case number so town staff and residents can track its progress and receive automatic updates via email or text message. “My East Hartford” users can pinpoint the issue location and attach photos and videos from their devices. The platform also offers a searchable knowledge base of in-depth FAQs to provide residents with various information they may need, including available resources from different departments. Additional app features include one-click access to the Town’s social media pages, important seasonal information and Town events and news.

Mayor Leclerc and town staff look forward to seeing you use “My East Hartford” and benefit from the information you receive through the platform. If you have any questions regarding the platform, feel free to contact the Mayor’s office at 860-291-7200.

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