Reminder: East Hartford’s Online Tax Bill Payment System

Reminder: East Hartford’s Online Tax Bill Payment System

(March 26, 2018) East Hartford, CT – Tax Collector Iris Laurenza would like to take the opportunity to remind residents about the Town’s online billing system, InvoiceCloud, so that they may reduce their wait time and additional print costs when paying bills.

Fast and easy!

InvoiceCloud allows you to pay your bills online to provide a faster, more convenient service for residents. By automating billing and collections, residents can click and pay online rather than wait in line at Town Hall.

Safe and secure!

East Hartford chose the InvoiceCloud platform because of its ease of use, and its security is the strongest available. All the data collected is double encrypted and stored on secure servers. The data is not sold or released for any purpose other than to complete transactions.

Go paperless!

Utilizing InvoiceCloud, residents will be able to access their bill at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. Residents are not required to register to make one time payments, however, those who register can take advantage of a full suite of payment scheduling and auto-pay features which save time and prevent missed bills.

By registering with the system, residents can customize their experience to send payment reminders by email or text message. Payments can be made via credit, debit, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through the online portal, or straight through your text messages. Please note that there may be fees associated with different online payment methods.

For more information:

To simply pay your bill online, to register for InvoiceCloud, or to find more information via a wide range of frequently asked questions, please visit the Tax Collector’s website by following this link, or call (860) 291-7250.