Collection of Data for Fiber-Optic Network Begins in East Hartford

fiber city eh

East Hartford, CT – The project to install fiber-optic network to build a state-of-the-art community wide connectivity throughout East Hartford has begun, following the pilot laying of one mile of fiber.  

With that said, please be advised that starting on September 11, 2021, surveyors will be collecting important data for the engineering design of the network. The surveyors will be driving rental vehicles with out-of-state drivers licenses, surveying local neighborhoods in East Hartford. Please, be advised that all surveyors have been vetted through the East Hartford Police Department. The duration of data collection will last for three to four weeks.

All surveyors collecting data throughout the Town will have IDs with lanyards easily visible and accessible. The surveyors can be also identified by high visibility blue vests. These individuals will have East Hartford FiberCity flyers to share with residents interested in learning more about the project.

All East Hartford residents can get ready for high speed, lower-cost connectivity to all East Hartford residents!

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