March is National Nutrition Month!

national nutrition month

In March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics focuses attention on healthful eating through National Nutrition Month. This year's theme, Celebrate a World of Flavors, embraces global cultures, cuisines and inclusivity, plus highlights the expertise of registered dietitian nutritionists. During National Nutrition Month, the Academy encourages everyone to make informed food choices and develop sound eating and physical activity habits they can follow all year long. For more information about this campaign, healthy eating, and nutrition facts/labels, please visit Eat Right.

How to Help Your Family Choose Water

Water doesn't have to be boring! There are plenty of ways to entice everyone in the family to drink healthy and stay hydrated throughout the day. Being a good role model yourself is a great way to help make water part of your children's routine and gets them in the habit of drinking water before they're thirsty. Here are a few twists to add some fun:

  • Infuse water with lemons, berries, cucumber or mint for some added flavor. This is an easy way to keep the whole family coming back for refills.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables that are high in water content handy - and there are plenty of them. Some of the best vegetables to choose from are cucumber, zucchini, iceberg lettuce, celery, and tomato. Top fruits include watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, and grapefruit.
  • Freeze fruit inside ice cubes. It dresses up the drinks at any table, and young children can help fill the trays.
  • Delight kids with special water bottles or cups. Whether it is a personalized sports bottle or a fancy cup with an umbrella or swirly straw, adding a festive touch can go a long way.
  • Make your own popsicles with pureed fruit for an afternoon cool-down. Make it a fun family activity by using small paper cups. Let your kids decorate them before filling or look for popsicle molds in fun shapes and colors.
  • More healthy hydration tips.

Food and Food System Resources

The following resources are for individuals and families seeking food assistance

  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
  • East Hartford Food Resource Calendar
  • Mobile Connecticut Foodshare Schedule
  • Hunger hotline from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for information on meal sites, food banks, and other services near you. Call 1-866-3-HUNGRY (1-866-348-6479) or 1-877-8-HAMBRE (1-877-842-6273) for Spanish. Hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday.
  • Hunger hotline text option. Text 97779 with a question that contains a keyword such as “food” or “meals”. The automated response will include resources located near an address and/or zip code.
  • Food finder for free food assistance programs for children and families.
  • Meals on Wheels for individuals with diminished mobility who are generally aged 60 and older, although age requirements can vary. Find a provider.