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The Health Department preserves and protects the public's health. Programs include water quality assurance, sewage disposal, food protection, pool/school/lead and housing investigations and communicable disease control. The Department provides educational programs on health issues and influenza immunizations for seniors. Five divisions comprise the Department of Health and Social Services. They include Administration, Environmental Health, Community Health and Nursing, WIC, and Social Services. The Department also administers the Public Health Emergency/Bioterrorism, Farmer's Market, Mosquito Abatement, and USDA WIC Nutrition Programs.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James Cordier M.P.H., R.S. Director (860) 291-7324
Michael O'Connell R.S. Public Health Supervisor (860) 291-7329
Louise F. Benjamin, REHS/RS Public Health Sanitarian (860) 291-7327
Anton Trojanowski B.S. Public Health Sanitarian (860) 291-7328
Marge Seiferheld M.B.A. Public Health Emergency Coordinator (860) 291-7247
Patty Mascoli CDN, CLC, MS WIC Coordinator (860) 291-7192
Jo-Ann Dorn, L.M.S.W. Social Services Program Supervisor (860) 291-7285
Amanda Garrity, MSN, RN Public Health Nurse Supervisor 860-291-7325