Opportunity Zones

East Hartford Opportunity Zones

East Hartford is home to five Opportunity Zones, areas designated by the Federal Government to encourage investment in properties and businesses in these locations.  These areas include land along the Connecticut River and on the Silver Lane corridor.  This is part of a program created in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.  The program allows investors to delay including capital gains as taxable income by reinvesting the value in opportunity funds, which invest in properties and businesses in these designated areas. Anyone can invest their unrealized capital gains in these funds, and fund managers can invest in any Opportunity Zone across the country. 

Census Tracts 5102, 5104, 5105, 5106, and 5108 in East Hartford are designated as Opportunity Zones.

If you are interested in investing opportunity fund assets in properties or businesses in East Hartford and would like more information about potential projects in town, please contact our Development Department at (860) 291-7300.  If you are interested in investing in opportunity funds, please contact a financial advisor.

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