Railroad Depot Zone

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The Town of East Hartford has established a “Railroad Depot Zone” affecting properties along the railroad rights of way in our community.  The Railroad Depot Zone program was established by the State in 1996 for Enterprise Zone designated communities which have abandoned or underutilized properties along their railroad corridors and outside of their Enterprise Zone.  The zone does not affect local land use policy or prerogatives.  It does offer the opportunity for the Town and the State to provide financial and other incentives to businesses investing in this area.

The Incentives

-  A five year, 80% abatement of local property taxes on qualifying real and personal property, subject to the property
        being new to the grand list of the municipality as a direct result of:
        -        business expansion
        -       renovation projects
        -       having met the vacancy requirement (idle for at least one year prior to the acquisition)

- A ten year, 25% credit on that portion of the State’s corporation business tax that is directly attributable to a business expansion or renovation project as determined by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.  The corporate tax credit increases to 50% if a minimum of 30% of the new full-time positions are filled by either Zone residents or are residents of the municipality and are JTPA eligible.

-  A $750 grant for each new, full-time position that is created as a direct result of a business expansion or renovation project over a twenty-four month period.  If at least 150 or 50% of the new full-time employees are residents of the Zone or are JTPA eligible residents from elsewhere in the municipality, the job grant increases to $2,250 per position.

For more information contact

Economic Development Coordinator
(860) 291-7299
Town of East Hartford
740 Main Street
East Hartford, CT 06108