Town Seal

Following the 1877 Connecticut Statute requiring each town to adopt a seal, East Hartford Town Council voted, on October 22, 1929, "That until otherwise ordered by the Council the seal of the Town shall be circular in form containing in the center the word 'seal' surrounded in circular form the words, 'Town of East Hartford, Connecticut'."

Town officials later decided to adopt a seal with greater artistic appeal, and on April 21, 1930, "Voted: That the resolution passed on the 22nd day of October, 1929 prescribing a form of seal for the Town of East Hartford is hereby rescinded and from this date the seal of the Town shall be as follows, to wit: It shall be circular in form containing an embossed composite design showing the East Hartford Bridge and the Bridge Road connecting the same with Main Street, with the Congregational Church at the corner, together with a reproduction of the Meeting House formerly standing on the South Green where its site is now marked by a commemorative monument; containing also the words 'Incorporated 1783', 'Carpe Diem' and the word 'Seal' all surrounded by scroll work enclosing the words 'Town of East Hartford, Connecticut'."