East Hartford Alert Network Messages for the Tuesday, March 14 Winter Storm

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Message 2 - Sent Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This is Mayor Marcia Leclerc with an update on today’s winter storm.

Although the State has issued a travel ban, it is essential that Town Hall remain open and we stand ready to address resident issues and public concerns. 

Due to the storm, an on-street parking ban has been established and will remain in effect until further notice. Residents should remain home and off the roads to assist our plow drivers with proper clearing of roads in our community.

Due to the rate of snowfall, it will take considerable time to clear all town roads.  It takes up to 8 hours after the storm to clear the 150 miles of roads in the town of East Hartford. Please know the town clears all major streets first followed by secondary roads and then tertiary roads.  In the event of a medical emergency a plow truck will clear the roads into the area to ensure prompt response.

Your support is required to clear your sidewalks and any fire hydrants located in or near your property.

We appreciate your support as we continue to work through this storm. For more information, please visit our website and read our Winter Weather Alert.

Message 1 - Sent the Afternoon of Monday, March 13, 2017:

Good afternoon. This is Mayor Leclerc with a message for all East Hartford residents. As you may be aware, a large snow storm is forecasted to hit Connecticut tomorrow. We can expect heavy snow and high winds, throughout the day, as this is a long duration storm system. In preparation for this weather event, please make sure to gather any food, medicine, gas, batteries, and other supplies, that you may need throughout the duration of the storm, this evening. Continue to monitor local news, our town website: easthartfordct.gov and our Facebook page for updates.

During the storm our plows will work diligently to clear the roads.  Remember it may take at least eight hours after the storm has passed for our crews to fully clear all of the roads in East Hartford. We clear major artery roads first, and then local and neighborhood roads.  Please note that emergency services will have access to all areas of town and will be in communication with town plows in case of emergency. 

Regularly scheduled curbside waste collection for Tuesday, March 14, will begin at 5AM. Residents should bring their barrels to the curb by 12AM (midnight) Tuesday to ensure Tuesday morning collection prior to the onset of the storm.  There will be no change to curbside waste collection for Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. You can help our plows by limiting your travel by obeying parking bans and other storm related directives. 

We appreciate your participation in the East Hartford Alert notification system. To hear a replay of this message, you may call 860-291-7657.

For more information, please read our Winter Storm Alert or the Winter Weather FAQs on our website.