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18 JUNE 2009

PRESENT:        Committee members: Pat Begley, Joe Carlson, Tom Rup and Billy Taylor. Also, Ellen Parker and Steve Bixler of CIRMA, Mike Walsh and Cindy Bennett.

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Pat Begley at 5:22 PM.

Joe Carlson moved to approve the minutes of the 29 May 2008 meeting as written. Billy Taylor seconded the motion which was approved 3-0 with Tom Rup abstaining.

Joe Carlson nominated Pat Begley for the position of chairperson. Tom Rup seconded the nomination. There were no other nominations. Joe Carlson moved that nominations be closed. Tom Rup seconded the motion which was approved unanimously. Pat Begley was elected unanimously.

Cindy Bennett presented an update of risk management programs, a copy of which is attached.
Ellen Parker presented a summary of the liability, auto and property insurance program renewal for the period beginning 1 July 2009, a copy of which is attached.  In 2006, the property/casualty program was renewed with CIRMA with a three-year rate guarantee; however CIRMA offered the rate guarantee for one more year and the Town accepted. Because of this, it was unnecessary to bid the property casualty insurance program for the coming fiscal year.
Recently, CIRMA hired an appraiser to conduct appraisals on all town buildings. As a result the value of the buildings increased by $56,342,125. Although CIRMA did not charge additional premium for the increase in value this fiscal year, the 2009-2010 premium includes the increased exposure.
Ms. Parker noted that CIRMA will offer coverage for the student interns for General Liability, Personal Injury, Advertising Liability, and Medical Payments beginning July 1st and that CIRMA has enhanced its 2009-2010 Liability-Auto-Property (LAP) policy to provide coverage automatically for non-owned autos in Town-owned parking garages and high school auto-tech classes. Both coverages are provided at no additional charge.
Ms. Bennett reported a slight premium increase in the Excess Workers Compensation renewal policy and a slight premium decrease in the Youth Service Professional Liability renewal policy. Tom Rup moved to approve the Excess Workers Compensation and Professional Liability program as presented. Joe Carlson seconded the motion which was approved unanimously.
Joe Carlson moved to approve the CIRMA rate lock for 2009-2010. Tom Rup seconded the motion which was unanimously approved.
Tom Rup noted that the street class code on the Excess Workers Compensation policy is wrong. Cindy Bennett agreed to contact the carrier to make the correction and determine if there should be a premium adjustment.  
Joe Carlson moved to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Billy Taylor and unanimously approved.  Chairperson Pat Begley declared the meeting adjourned at 6:26 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Billy G. Taylor, P.E., Director of Public Works

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