East Hartford Fire Department
Alarm Division

The Alarm Division is responsible for the proper maintenance and supervision of the Town of East Hartford’s Municipal Fire Alarm System. The Municipal Fire Alarm System consists of a combination of radio call for aide boxes, building fire alarm control panels, and interface boxes, that report directly to the Fire Department.  This instant notification to the Fire Department significantly reduces response times, ultimately resulting in reduced personal property damage and potential loss of life.

No fire department can operate successfully without the ability to reliably convey information.  The Alarm Division establishes this ability through the use of portable, mobile, and base station two way radios with range extension through the use of a radio repeater.  Cell phones, pagers, and telephone systems also fall under the scope of Alarm Division responsibilities.

As with most ancillary divisions in the fire service, the Alarm Division has been charged with collateral duties as well.  Some of these duties include maintaining the Towns municipal traffic signals, station alerting systems, and vehicle exhaust systems.   They also calibrate gas detection equipment, install and repair electrical circuits within the fire houses, and maintain the Divisions operating budget.   

Technology advancements continue to improve the way the fire service operates. One of the Alarm Divisions main goals is to continually seek out these new advancements and determine how they could potentially affect the safety of our firefighters and the public they serve.